Hello Red! | Vintage 1950s Haymaker Lacoste Crocodile emblem Vermillion red Grandpa Sweater

Emo mod. Punk? We’re not quite sure which era this vermillion red vintage 1950s Lacoste sweater would belong. We suspect it would fit in whichever era it came from.

This is pre-Lacoste by the way. The Haymaker brand predates the Lacoste brand and we’re always happy to find one this vintage! We have another Haymaker sweater dress in our shop, and together, they’re some of our favourite picks ever.

Could totally work for both men and women!

And you might just miss this, we almost did, but it has the coolest double-buttons at each side of the hem so you could have a split-hem look whenever you feel like it. Once again, vintage details y’all! 

Best fits a M/L – XL. 

For more details and to purchase, please visit www.shophappylaundryday.com


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