HLD Opening SOon with Logo

Happy Laundry Day is a Singapore-based vintage, thrifted and pre-loved clothing and accessories store which hopes to share our love of digging through things for that something special.

We like to think about how old and new goes together.

Something old, something borrowed, something new.

We hope you find your “something” here.

You know how we sometimes live in a sort of world that is in between reality and the other reality? We love how vintage makes us feel like that. Like we are crossing paths with another soul and lightly brushing the fingertips of another time and place.

The name Happy Laundry Day came up when we thought about how laundromats could be such a lovely place to meet folks from all walks of life. And where relationships are made, and perhaps a piece of treasured clothing lost. Or maybe, found. Something left behind in the tumbling of the dryers which could have held memories for someone.

Plus, we also like the idea of how happy our laundry looks on the clothesline in a backyard with a well-trimmed lawn and a frisky little pup enjoying the sunshine on the patio.

Happy Laundry Day is owned and run by one crazy lady whose vintage poison is flower power luggage bags from the 60s and 70s. She has a jack russell terrier and together, they love to dig! Him for bones, and her, for unique vintage gems. And now she’s happy to share her finds and also use her hunting skills (nope, no more her hoarding skills!) to discover treasures big and small. The store will feature a mix of her private vintage collections, mostly from her years of travel. Plus some fresh finds too, both vintage and new.

Most of the vintage clothing and accessories at Happy Laundry Day have traipsed across the globe from Europe, the US and Japan. Occasionally we will share some private items in our collections which are sentimental and have stories to tell.

We hope that with us, you will travel places and explore that funny quirky little bit of yourself you never knew you had.

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