Size Chart

As we all know, vintage has a way of giving us lovely surprises. But also some not so nice ones, usually in the fitting room!

For a smooth and happy shopping experience, it’s best to measure as closely as possible (with a 1-2cm allowance.). In our experience, a little bigger is usually better than a little smaller.

This is how we at Happy Laundry Day measure our clothing sizes (in both cm & inches):

We lay the garment on a flat surface and take the tape measure to it across. For every measurement you see, double it and it’ll be the approximate circumference. Or you could always do the same with your favourite piece of garment and see how the measurements match up.

Some of our larger-sized pieces have been pinned during styling for an idea of how it would look like. Please do refer to the size measurements for an idea of how it would fit you. šŸ™‚

Happy Laundry Day_Size Chart_MAIN


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