Our goods

Most of the vintage clothing and accessories at Happy Laundry Day have traipsed across the globe from Europe, the US and Japan. They are mostly items from the 1940s up to the 1980s. We carefully select our pieces from various countries and sources and are willing to pay a premium for rare and beautiful pieces so we can bring them to you. No scrimping for our passion here 😉

Occasionally we will share some private items in our collections which are sentimental and have stories to tell and may even put them up for sale!

We handpick all our items.

We wouldn’t sell anything we wouldn’t wear ourselves!

Occasionally we come across an item whose age we are not absolutely certain of. If they do not seem as old as we would like them to be, but we still love them anyway, we will put them under the Fresh section of our shop. This doesn’t mean the item isn’t fabulous! It just means it may not have been born before the 1990s. We label these our fresh finds. 🙂

We live up to our name.

All our clothing items come freshly laundered and happy! 😉

Conditions Guide:
Our items are vintage, thrift-ed and pre-loved, some have been loved a lot more than others and in different ways, so they do come as they are. Most items have been worn, but occasionally we do get some in absolute mint conditions, and some new old-stock. We will always check and describe the item to the best of our ability and please do always check the product description for any possible flaws mentioned. Most common conditions are missing buttons, slight signs of wear or staining at the insides of the collar, bottom or armpit areas. Some may have been repaired by their previous owners. But rest assured, we will never sell anything which we will not want to wear ourselves (in fact we often wish we could keep them all!)
All our items go by the following rating system:

Mint – These are usually new old-stock which have never been worn.
Excellent – Pre-loved but with no visible flaws.
Very Good – Minor flaws, almost not visible.
Good – Minor flaws, some visible.
Fair – More than 2 flaws, some of which could be repaired.

Although all our garments are either hand washed or dry cleaned, the vintage smell (as we affectionately call it 😉 varies from garment to garment as they come from so many different wardrobes and owners. May we suggest a few more washes with your favorite detergent and naturally airing them in the sun, these may help disperse and lighten the vintage smells.

Should there be any tags, we will reflect this in our product description. But do understand that many vintage items were handmade thus they come without tags, or have had their tags taken off by their previous owners for various reasons (some were apparently placed at the strangest places which did not facilitate comfort for the wearer)! But we particularly love these handmade items, you can truly see the workmanship of the past and how delicate stitches were and how much care was put into it.

Photo representation
As different monitors will display colors differently, please note that the colours shown on your screen may vary from the actual colour of the garment. However, our photos will try to reflect as exact a representation of the item as possible. Should there be any gross misrepresentation, please feel free to contact us at ask@happylaundryday.com.

Return Policy

We would encourage you to measure and select your purchase with care as all sales are considered final. Measurements are done with great care and have a maximum of 1-3cm variations. We do however review requests on a case by case basis, but please do note unless there has been a significant error in our listing, we do keep to our strict no-returns policy.  Shipping charges are non-refundable in all cases and all returns are subjected to a 15% re-stocking fee. Should you be unsure about the fit of the garment, have any other questions or require additional photos, please feel free to let us know via email at ask@happylaundryday.com.

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