Work those Stripes | Vintage 80s does 50s striped geometric triangle print Pocket wiggle Dress



True to the fabulous 80s are these office-wear made funky with its emerald-green + beige stripes combi. And POCKETS! Once again we cannot emphasis how much we love pockets, whether on a dress, skirt, pants, culouttes or shorts. They make everything instantly more wearble, functional and fun. Not to mention, they could be great reasons to take the load of the shoulders and have a bag-less day out!

The buttoms and cutting on this is such a retro throwback to the 50s wiggle dress but in a looser, figure-friendlier 80s cut.

We think we could certainly funk it up with a pair of funky New balance shoes and some geometric jewellery. And if you look closely, there are textured triangles printed throughout the dress. How’s that for a sublimal message!

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