How they partied in the weekends ! 

I love sitting by my aunts and listening to how them reminisce about how they used to party back in the days. 

Tea parties, nights at the discos, dinner formals and ballroom dances. Looking at them now, all perfectly coiffed and eating tea and biscuits, who would ever fathom they were some wild things back then! 😉 

One of my aunts would even make her own party dresses, well then she could make them as short as she wanted 😜 

These 2 beauties remind us of the dinner parties of the 50s/60s. A little bit of shine, to put the twinkle in your eyes.

The embroidery on that skirt of that cobalt blue one if simply divine. And there are such well-made rounded edges drawing the eye to the nipped waist. The top and skirt are attached by a bust lining though the top looks like it’s worn separately. Just so well made, like it came from the boutiques of the time. 

The pastel green is as light as the blue one if bright! The gentlest, elegant, demure color, with gold threads running through it and the most darling spherical buttons on one side. 

Both best fit a S – M. 

Just listed and available at 

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