Silver Lining | Vintage 1970s silver gray Chevron print Button down Dress

It doesn’t get more seriously 70s than this. It could be crossing the lines between the 60s and the 70s, but this is such a classic silhouette and material of that era without going too loud with the colors. 

Which makes it great for the office! Who says you can’t go retro at work. We love the versatility of this long-sleeve dress and its chevron print in the greatest shade of greys. 😉 

Button down all the way! 

And guess what? When we found this, it had the strangest shiny buttons and we thought, what the heck? And then we realised someone had  meticulously covered all the buttons  on this baby with aluminum foil! But we took them all off and wow, there were gorgeous dark grey buttons underneath all that silver 😉 And we were glad we found us some button treasures. 

There are very thin and narrow shoulder pads sewn into the lining at the shoulders. 

Best fits a XS – S and possibly up to a M. 

Just listed and available at

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