Retro Rad Red 80s Weekend | Plaid wool Pendelton Pencil skirt + Retro-inspired Milk Carton top 

We love the 80s possibly because much of our growing-up years were spent in it (okaaaay we are old 😂), and these 2 seem to go together.

This milk carton cropped top is so cute even though it’s not vintage, we just had to share.

Paired with this awesome and rare red tartan Plaid Pendleton Pencil (say that 5 times real fast! 😂) , and maybe a black felt floppy hat, heels booties and brown cross-body bag, we’ve got a winner!

Did we mention the skirt comes with pockets too? We’re such suckers for pockets. ❤️

Have an retro red weekend y’all!

Blouse: Best fits a M.

Skirt: Best fits a S.

Both listed and available at

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