* Happy Laundry (Birth)Day – We are 1 today!


Is it August already? Has it been a year? We turn 1 today!


Gosh, time truly does fly! We are grateful for the year past, and tentative yet excited about the time ahead.

It’s not easy being a small but passionate newcomer amidst the big sea of  talented business owners and creators out there whom we admire, but we will continue to try!

Though we are very private and a lot shy, we thought we would share a little bit about ourselves every time we manage to make it one more year ahead!

This year, we want to introduce our humble little team of misfits. Essentially, it has been one year of a one-woman show, but there was not a chance anything could have been done without the able hands of 2 other amazing women.

Mama. Aunta. (Furry-mon ;). Me.

Mama. Aunita. Furry-mon ;). Me.

Mama – Hers is the smile you have seen behind our stall at the markets. Super sportswoman (she used to be a national table tennis player!), super saleswoman, superwoman. She supports physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Without her we could not have been able to do what we do without having to worry about much else.

Aunita – Hers are the hands who has helped us with our washing. Every fresh-smelling garment has her to thank for. Our nanny and loyal helper for 23 years, she is an amazing woman. She is not highly educated but she does all she can with all her body and all her heart. And she is more often than not, all heart. How else could you describe someone who has left her hometown, her country, and her young family behind to forge a better life for them; having to handle language barriers, terrible home sickness, not being able to watch her kids grow up. We cannot be grateful enough.

And we are also privileged enough to have a gang of friends (you know who you are) who have been so supportive of what we do, never questioning (unless it’s for our own good), always listening and even helping to carry heavy bags, push trolleys, travel with us in search of vintage, buying from us ever so often to keep our passion alive, bringing food and just knowing instinctively what we need – THANK YOU! We can only pray we will have a chance to repay all of you for your kindness.


And of course we couldn’t have made it without you, our sweet, lovely customers. So many of you have been with us since the day we started and are still with us now. We thank you. We have so loved hearing your feedback and reading your messages, meeting you on our occasional market outings, and just sharing our mutual love for a good vintage hunt.

And to say THANK YOU, everything in the store is 18% off today, 1 August!

Use our special birthday code HAPPYTOBEONE during checkout to enjoy the *discount!

*sale ends 2359, 1 August 2015. 

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