1001 Singapore Nights 

It’s been a hectic weekend, but so delightfully so! 

A big Thank you to the Public Garden Team for a smoothly-run event once more and for getting such a wonderful location! 

And a humongous THANK YOU to everyone who came down to help, and chat and just to say hi. We appreciate all the smiles! It was so lovely to finally be able to put faces to our lovely customers 😊

If we seemed a little distracted, it’s only because the location is too beautiful (evidence is in our phone which is running out of space 😁).

And of course we had to make mom walk is through the compound to tell us where she used to do what when she was here as a CHIJ student  in her secondary and junior college years! It’s so lovely to be indulging in all things vintage, memories included. 

It had an extra meaning for mom and we’re glad for that. 

Once again, thank YOU all for a wonderful time! 



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