I Love Lucy | Vintage 1950s 1960s Pastel plaid checkered Half-sleeve collared Shirt dress


 We were just reading about shoulder pads because we have been seeing tiny slithers of them just at the top of the shoulders for some of the dresses we have found recently. And it’s fascinating to see how they went from exaggerated to smaller and back to big and then none again!

This has tiny, puffy ones (which can be easily unpicked but we will leave that to you, it’s lovely to be able to keep to the integrity of the garment) and the tag so simple that we’d say it’s 1950s, 1960s.

The almost linen-ish fabric is what we love, textured yet elegant and luxe. And in a lovely mix of pastels and a wide, flared skirt too.

Best fits a M – L. 

Listed this glorious day at www.shophappylaundryday.com

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