Belinda | Vintage 1950s 1960s green white polka dot Blossom lace and scallop lace trim

Our *aunt used to travel to Japan in her youth, and would purchase the most amazing gowns. She still has some of them, and this looks like something she might have picked up! She used to attend such fun parties in the 50s and 60s and this might have been one of her go-to dresses.

She has the cutest scalloped perforated edges and the front piece is detachable (from the buttons on the shoulders) + the matching blossom brooch is made of the same material but detachable too so you could totally use it for other looks too.

*P.S: She used to rent them out to anyone who wanted a “new” dress for yet another party. How entrepreneurial, even for then, eh? 😉

Best fits a M – L.

For more details and to purchase, please visit

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