Love birds | Vintage 1960s 1970s mexican embroidered bird print white skirt

This Valentine’s Day, we give you 2 love birds. And like how birds live their lives, carefree, trusting, committed and so understanding of the seasons, we too believe love has its seasons. 

Sometimes it’s a quiet, seemingly lonely one. Take the time to breathe and enjoy the beauty around you. 

Sometimes it’s intense and passionate. Take too that time to enjoy each other and what it was that brought you together. 

Whatever it is, we believe in thoroughly experiencing it at that moment. 
We love the simplicity of the red on white embroidered love birds on this white vintage 1970s skirt and how theu embellish the 2 hip pockets.

A rare vintage 1970s beauty – perfect with a suede sleeveless cropped top and black ankle booties.

Closes with a snap button and 2 button/buttonholes at the back.

Both best fit a XS – S . 

For more details and to purchase, please visit

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