Robyn | Vintage 1950s 1960s Yellow rose Cotton Day Dress with scalloped hems

More alive than a bouquet of fresh yellow roses, this dress is like an entire rose bush that flowers all year round.

Like something that gives you joy just looking at their blossoming buds and smelling the fresh aroma of spring.

And what really gives us the chills from the thrill, is the scalloped neckline (back and front)!

We want to say this belonged to the 1950s, but the nylon zipper is throwing us a little. Though plastic zippers were actually used as early as the 1930s (we researched and saw some ads in the 1940s saying that plastic zippers were not rationed – during the war we suppose).

The pinked edges inside however do help assure us a little bit more. And it is hand-hemmed all the way inside – very neatly too!

Best fits a M – L.

For more details and to purchase, please visit

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