Sage | Vintage 1960s psychedlic swirl print Retro A-go-go Yellow paisley print Shift CULOTTES

A good ‘ol retro 1960s/70s print always gets us going. We remember the lava lamps, the A-go-go boots and head scarfs.

This yellow cutie would go so well with the white thigh-high A-go-go boots of the day! But it still works now. With something denim and perhaps a little touch of vintage-times in a cute bob hairstyle.

The paisley psychedelic prints (wow! many ‘P’s there 😉 makes us think of old movies and film stars every time!

And guess what? This is another cool CULOTTES-masquerading-as-a-dress 😉 How cool is that!

Best fits a L – XL.

For more details and to purchase, please visit

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