Para Para A-go-go | Vintage 1960s 1970s psychedelic paisley print A-line tent dress with pockets

Our mom has been driven crazy by the A-go-go (sounds like the word for “Dog” in mandarin) references this Chinese New Year 🤣 But we had to share this because we just feel like it’s so festive and gives you such a feeling of fun!

Could you go anymore 70s psychedelic with this awesome A-line tent dress and her cute stand-collar neckline? 😉

This orange print is tamed with lavender, green and light khaki brown.

But mostly it is the silhouette that gets us. We had to shoot this a few times because we couldn’t decide which was the back and which was the front. And then we realised it could be effectively worn both ways! (Sssh…. so even if you have to rush out of the house, no one’s going to go “Err,…. Miss…. you might be wearing your dress back-to-front 😉

We imagine it would have been worn with white thigh-high A-go-go boots in its heyday, with huge white plastic hoop earrings and huge sunnies perched on the head.

Today, we would wear it with hi-top sneakers, huge stud earrings and a crisp pixie cut. Comes with pockets too!

How would you rock this cutie? Share!

Oh and this is another goodie from the Sears label.

Best fits a M – L.

For more details and to purchase, please visit

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