Grayson Jones | Vintage 19540s 1950s Circle skirt Gray atomic stars wool blend Dress

Dresses from the 1940s and 1950s are rare finds. And we rarely do get them in Singapore. So when we do, it’s a ring-the-bell-and-shout-hooray sort of moment.

This may seem like a simple gray dress at first glance, but the details are aplenty. And in truth, sometimes we do just need a good solid-colored dress that lets the silhouette tell of the era from which she hails.

This makes us think of the BBC series, Father Brown. Or a war-time movie where the female spy goes undercover as the genteel girl-next-door with just a hint of danger in red heels and lips.

This grey 1950s vintage dress with her tweed-like fabric (we actually akin it to atomic starbursts – the white weave within the fabric makes us think of staring up in the dark night sky at stars) has the most elegant turned-up cuffs, a swan-collar, very fitted waist (which could do with a red belt, if you wish to add some element of drama) and a full circle skirt.

The pockets are placed, just so. At the sides, but slightly to the front too. Would be so perfect with white-gloved hands and a little lucite vintage hardshell bag.

Have a little adventure in this subtle beauty. We imagine she would have an exotic name like Grayson Jones.

Zips up at the side. Metal zipper! Has 2 side belt loops.

Would be great with a cute vintage brooch! We have lots know the Accessories section in our shop. šŸ˜‰

Best fits a S – M.

For more details and to purchase, please visit

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