We are 4! | Thank YOU for 4 great years, and many more.

It’s been 4 years since we opened. We can barely believe it.

How time flies!

As we celebrate the start to our 4th year, we would like to thank each and everyone of you who have made this possible. For believing in us and sharing your vintage-doning experiences with us, Thank YOU!

Now shall we be joyful and hope for many more years of vintage-ing together?

Let’s begin with a game shall we?

Answer this question by 4 Aug and stand to win $40 worth of vouchers!

Okay, ready?

QN: Name the 4 things you always see in our Instagram posts.

DM us your answer on Instagram. Winner will be informed by DM on Instagram by 6 Aug 2018.

Oh…. and wait! We know you are all super multi-taskers so in case you’d like to shop while answering the question, we also have a special 4th Anniversary SALE section. Everything in there is $40, only till 4 Aug!

*Please do note that free shipping is not applicable during the sale period.

Shop HERE.

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