Carribean Night | Vintage 1980s-does-1950s Posh Prom Glam Pop Monochromatic Striped Peplum Dress

In black and white, this reminds us of the 40s and 50s, when movie stars were sexy but in monochrome. And the era really speaks to us, for all the detailed work they did, the subtle touches in the acting, perhaps because nothing was in color, but everything in structure and movement.

And this dress we think, has both.

The stripes so carefully placed in the bust, the white such a gleaming contrast, and the silhouette so still yet so moving.

It is like the 80s prom dress done so well it could have lived in the 50s.

Zips at at the back and has boning in the bust to help hold the ladies up šŸ˜‰

Best fits a S – M.

For more details and to purchase, please visit

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