Sakura | Vintage 1960s 1970s oriental Japanese cherry blossom print Fireworks Dark blue Long traditional Kimono


We love how they create a sense of drama and yet at the same time of femininity and calm. We brought this long one back from our travels and am glad we get to share her with you!
This is a floor-length (and possibly even longer) kimono all the way from Kyoto, Japan and we love that we managed to score one in a dark, color with happy Sakura (cherry blossom) prints in a cooling cotton material which makes it great as outerwear, so easily paired with modern garments like jeans or a pencil skirt and sneakers.

We have friends and customers who wear these indoors or to dinner & dance events and they always make such an entrance.

If you need to, you could always have it altered shorter and have lots of fabric pouch to make a cool bag, pouch, hair-tie, scarf or even a skirt!

Best fits a M – L/XL. 

For more details and to purchase, please visit 

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