Air flow blue | Vintage 1950s 1960s scalloped edges Elegant shift dress

This beautiful dress with her embroidered scalloped edges comes in a good medium-weight material.
My mom recently commented on how she used to love her clothes back in the 70s because they all had good weight – and reminded me of something we tend to forget in today’s fast-fashion-inundated scheme of things – that garments with a good weight made the lady-like form look slimmer and more elegant, it helped elongate the silhouette as the fabric had a sense of gravity which was both natural and stately.

Between the genteel scallops and those awesome functional pockets – we are totally swooning. We would add white gloves and pillbox hat for a going-to-NYC for the holidays look and feel. 

Best fits a M – L/XL. 

For more details and to purchase, please visit 

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