Sweet Serenade | Vintage 1980s-does-1950s Pink lace cutouts Dress with Double Collar

Lace – Check.

Cute double collar – Check.

Pockets – Check.

A pink that’s almost a beige so it’s not overly sweet and such a dream to match with greys and blues and blacks – Check.

This adorable 1980s-does-1950s dress with her beautiful lace cutouts at the bust and sleeves checks all the boxes for us πŸ˜‰ Quite literally.

We love a good cut-out but nothing too revealing please. Add the opacity of the double collar above and how the lace is emphasized once more at the sleeves but nowhere else, and you’ve got a winner there.

And whoever thought to put pockets in this. Kudos to you. We think pockets always make a feminine dress more sporty (and functional, of course) and less one-dimensional. Very much like the lady who will love and wear this πŸ˜‰

Best fits a M – L.

For more details and to purchase, please visit www.shophappylaundryday.com

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