Petite Blu | Vintage 1950s 1960s Nautical sailor style Yellow Blue Stripes and Checks Petite Dress

We think this could have been a dress for either a very petite lady or a tween in the 1950s/60s! Hey, our aunt told us her waist was once 15in in circumference (*cue shocked face, mouth agape). Why do we say that? It has a name sewn into the back of the dress… we love that. It makes us think of possibly a large family who could only afford to purchase 1 new dress a year. When shopping wasn’t a pastime and every new year or birthday was the only time you got something new. So this is special in that way, we think.

Besides the awesome mix of yellow and blue prints. The 2 cute breast pockets. The upturned sleeves (which you can turn down if you wish to have a little bit of a cap-sleeves thing going on). Has a embroidered anchor in the middle and cute ribbon ties on both sides.

Best fits a XS – S.

For more details and to purchase, please visit

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